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Aggregator Platformfor NFTs


All on a single platform.

Aggregator Platformfor NFTs

What is NFTlook?

Aggregator Platform For NFTs

Connect all your wallets from
multiple chains
Create gallery folders
to showcase your NFTs
Trade NFTs on
multiple marketplaces & chains
Analyze your portfolio & automate NFT trading

Become 1 of 3,333 Founders of NFTlook

Founder Badge Utility
Access to NFTlook tools
Gain your edge and make the most of the NFT space with a life-time access to all NFTlook tools. Free of charge.
Explore Tools
Access to Founders Alpha Network
Access to a privileged private group of collectors & builders. Membership includes access to our private Discord, exclusive collaborations, and in-person events.
Locking Rewards
Owning the Founder Badge comes with the power to lock it during mint. Locking opens the door to participation in NFTtools development and revenue-sharing.
Partnerships & Whitelists
We're partnering up with rising utility NFT projects and gift WL spots to the members of Founders Alpha Network.

Locking Your Founder Badge

NFTlook Founder Badge comes with the power to lock it during the mint.

Locking benefits include:

Locking will be available along with the mint.
NFTlook's revenue-sharing
Voting on new features of NFTlook tools
Special "NFTlook OG Locker" achievement on your profile

Reserve Your Gallery to Gain More Chances to Get a Founder Badge NFT

Round 1 – OG Communities:

Reservation of Personal Gallery URLs Is Available

For XXX OG Collectors

XXX Reserved
Round 1 Starts Soon. Keep your eye on our Twitter announcements
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Q4 2021
  • Project vision developed
  • Core team & advisors assembled
  • Market research & user interviews
  • NFTlook tools ideation
  • Website V1 release
Q1 2022
  • Joined forces with Everstake & Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation to resist russian aggression
  • Dev & Operations teams expansion
  • Product roadmap developed
Q2 2022
  • Website V2 release
  • Personal Gallery Demo development
  • Wallpaper Generator Alpha release
  • Web3 Creative Studio development
  • Analytics development
In Progress
Q3 2022
  • Personal Gallery Demo & Waitlist launch
  • Wallpaper Generator release
  • Web3 Creative Studio release
  • Personal Gallery Reservation rounds
  • Discord community launch
  • Ambassador program launch
  • Partnerships with top NFT communities
To Be Announced
Q4 2022
  • Personal Gallery Alpha release
  • Analytics Alpha release
  • Founder Badge NFT badge mint
  • Founder Badge NFT locking
  • L1 & L2 chains integrations
  • Marketplaces integrations
  • Trading automation tools release
  • Locking rewards launch, incl. voting on new features for NFTlook tools & revenue-sharing
  • Lookers PFP NFT mint & airdrop

Core Team

Andy Ocean
Andy Ocean
Andy Ocean
Co-Founder, CEO

Founded 6-figure B2C SaaS that runs on autopilot

Built music-tech app (4.7 ⭐️, 500K+ downloads on Google Play)

Helped 🇺🇦 during ru invasion

Dan Dober
Dan Dober
Dan Dober
Co-Founder, CMO

Founded & sold 8-figure CPA affiliate network

Bootstrapped network of websites to 1M monthly visitors

Helped 🇺🇦 during ru invasion


Tim Jooste
Tim Jooste
Founder of Koin Games
Founder of, Neo Tokyo Citizen #551. Has a value-giving mentality, and a big fan of games.
VC & Crypto Investor
Holder of BAYC #5157, CryptoPunks #7572, #2418, #8595.
Alex Maker
Alex Maker
Founder of
Entrepreneur, investor, and NFT collector (collection worth ~$2M). Founder of, #1 calendar for NFTs.
    CEO & Founder
    Founder of Ewin Games - P2E Blockchain studio. Bluechip NFT collector, 400+ ETH valuation
    Ether cyborg. Builder.
    Kønugarðr, Ukraïna. Rave enjoyer. NFT collector
    Archan Nair
    Archan Nair
    Digital Artist
    Mixed Media Illustrator for 17 years. Artist with $2M+ in sales


    What is

    A one-stop shop to showcase, trade and analyze NFTs.

    What are NFTlook tools?

    The NFTlook tools include:

    • Personal Gallery
    • Trading Automation Tools
    • Analytics

    The development of the next features of NFTlook tools will be guided by the holders of the Founder Badges.

    What is the Personal Gallery on

    A gamified place showcase & trade NFTs on your favorite chains (L1, L2) & marketplaces, all-in-one tab.

    What are the benefits of reservation of Personal Gallery URL?

    Once you reserve your Personal Gallery URL, you automatically:

    1. Claim your nickname that will serve as your Vanity URL
    2. Get access to limited-edition Personal Gallery with support for multiple wallets
    3. Get 1 chance-ticket for the Whitelist Raffle of Founder Badges
    4. Get 1 chance-ticket for the NFT Raffle of Founder Badges
    When will I be able to reserve my Personal Gallery URL?

    The reservation process will be split into multiple rounds.

    During Round 1 the reservation is available for everyone who holds the NFT from one of the blue-chip collections (TBA soon).

    In the next Rounds we will be opening reservations to Waitlisted collectors and general public. In between, there will also be additional opportunities for those who follow us closely on , so stay tuned!

    What are the Founder Badges?

    Founder Badges are our 3,333 limited-edition utility NFTs that provide holders with:

    • Access to Founders Alpha Network
    • Life-time free of charge access to NFTlook tools
    • Participation in NFTlook’s growth, including new features development and revenue-sharing
    • Partnerships & WL exposure
    Why should I lock my Founder Badge?

    If you lock your Founder Badge, you will be:

    • entitled to revenue-sharing
    • able to vote on new features for NFTlook tools
    When will I be able to Mint the Founder Badge?

    We'll announce the Whitelist & Public mint dates soon. Watch out for the updates on our .

    How to get Whitelisted for Founder Badge Mint?

    If you reserve your Personal Gallery URL, you can win a Whitelist spot at the Whitelist Raffle.

    Follow us on to discover other options.